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In this episode, it's family time! Erin and Tyler stop by to catch up on all the family plays and they do their best to convince Craig they don't actually like board games. 

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It's the 113th episode of the podcast! It's a 3rd segment only! Things happen! Games are discussed! Exclamation marks are fun!!



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In this episode of The New Ones, Craig talks about The Bloody Inn, Battle for Rokugan, Crystal Clans, Android Infiltration, and Reef.

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In this, the one hundred and twelfth EVER episode of the Botch Games Podcast, we recap Origins 2019! Craig is joined by a slew of people to talk about the sights, the sounds, the food, and the games of this years Origins Game Fair. Guests include, Tyler Marks, Patrick Hillier, Eric Buscemi, Matt Halstad, and Chris Copac. Stay hydrated because this episode breaks the time barrier!

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In this episode of the New Ones, Craig talks about Space Base, Lucidity: Six Sided Nightmares, Junk Orbit, Mountains of Madness, and Caper.

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In this episode of the show, Craig is joined by Tyler to talk about the fun things to do at Origins game fair, and then Chris Copac stops by to talk about all the games he and Craig are looking forward to at the show! Hope to see you there!

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In this episode of The New Ones, Craig talks about Pi Mal Pflaumen, Mottainai: Wutai Mountain, Hero Realms (specifically the campaign), Instanbul Dice, and Planet Defenders.

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In this, the 110th EVER episode of the Botch Games podcast, we celebrate the end of THREE school years by talking about a whole bunch of games. In the family segment, Tyler (no longer a high school junior) and Erin (a recent BSN grad) talk with Craig (a regular guy) about the games they've played as a family. Spoiler, there's a lot. In the third segment, Derek (now an ABD. You know what you are...) talks with Craig about Escape Plan, the new Shadi Torbet game, Manashard, and an Arkham Horror LCG update. Lots to do, little time to listen, so GET AT IT!

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In this episode Craig is joined by half of the regulars. In the family segment it's Tyler who is full of quick gloss overs of all the latest and greatest games he's played, and in the third segment, Matt dishes with Craig about FFG's slate of new games, and you know, some other stuff too.

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In this episode of the New Ones, Craig talks about Bob Ross The Art of Chill, Songbirds, Enchanters, Pursuit of Happyness, and San Juan.

Happy Easter!

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In this episode of The New Ones, Craig talks about Crows Overkill, Roll Player: Monsters and Minions, Yummy World, Embark, and Heaven and Ale.

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Well, hello, I didn't see you there. How about you come inside this episode and check out all of the sweet sweet games we talk about. Erin, Tyler, Matt, and Derek all show up to bring you the latest and greatest to keep you floating on cloud all the way to the next episode. All the games you ever wanted to hear about and more. Right through these doors. 

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In this episode of the new ones, Craig talks about his plays of Ladder 29, Rising Sun, Ghosts of the Moor, Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game, and Clank Sunken Treasures. 

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Oh Hai, it's another full episode, which means I actually have to type stuff here instead of just listing games. Well, hmm. In this episode Tyler and Erin join Craig to talk about a whole bunch of Coconuts and Loopin' Chewie thanks to Mallory's obsession. In the third segment, Matt and Derek are both back to talk about a slew of games, and I mean honestly, it's just too many to start listing, so you'll have to trust me. 

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In this episode of The New Ones, Craig tackles five more new-to-him games, specifically FUSE, The Big Score, Istanbul, Dead Man's Draw, and Tiny Epic Quest.

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in this episode of The New Ones, Craig talks London second edition, Gier, Smile, Fidelitas, and Best Treehouse Ever.

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In this the 106th ever episode of the Botch Games Podcast, Craig is joined by special guest Eric Buscemi to wrap up Craig's weekend board gaming trip to NYC. In the family segment, Tyler talks Exceed, Duelosaur, and Betrayal Legacy.

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In this episode, the segments are a bit out of order. We have found the responsible parties and they have been sacked. In the intro/friends segment, Matt and Derek chat with Craig about, you guessed it, more Arkham Horror LCG, plus Duelosaur Island, Viticulture, Quacks of Quedlinberg, and Terraforming Mars. In the family segment, which comes last, Erin and Tyler chat about Azul 2: Electric Boogaloo, Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden, and a suite of Jackbox Games. 

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It's the 104th episode of the podcast and it's business as usual. In the family segment, Tyler stops by to catch up on their breakneck end-of-year finish-the-challenge speed and all the games the family played to finish their challenge. In the third segment, Matt and Derek join Craig and talk a bunch about Arkham Horror the Card Game, like people do. They also touch on Mr. Cabbagehead, Chronicles of Crime, and Siggil.  

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