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In this, the 110th EVER episode of the Botch Games podcast, we celebrate the end of THREE school years by talking about a whole bunch of games. In the family segment, Tyler (no longer a high school junior) and Erin (a recent BSN grad) talk with Craig (a regular guy) about the games they've played as a family. Spoiler, there's a lot. In the third segment, Derek (now an ABD. You know what you are...) talks with Craig about Escape Plan, the new Shadi Torbet game, Manashard, and an Arkham Horror LCG update. Lots to do, little time to listen, so GET AT IT!

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In this episode Craig is joined by half of the regulars. In the family segment it's Tyler who is full of quick gloss overs of all the latest and greatest games he's played, and in the third segment, Matt dishes with Craig about FFG's slate of new games, and you know, some other stuff too.

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