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Craig Con 2020 has officially ended and Craig flies solo with a wrap-up

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It's the third day of Craig Con and Craig is joined by Erin and Derek to talk about a ton of games. All the games, one would say!

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Erin, Derek, and Matt talk about games! I guess Craig is there too,or something, even though his talk is mainly nonsense.

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Its the First day of Craig Con and Craig is joined by Derek and Matt FROM HIS HOUSE! Games were played, fun was had, Craig rage quit a game! Tune in for details!

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Matt and Derek are here, but Craig takes the lead as he had two successful, and masked, game days. Lots of games, including a spiel nom are discussed.

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In this episode of the New ones, Craig talks about Lanterns The Dice Game, Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden, Hex Roller, Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North, and Carnival of Monsters.

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Erin's back! Have you missed her? We sure have. Craig and Erin catch up on everything they've played together since April.

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