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In this episode Craig, Derek, and Matt talk about MTG and Arkham LCG (of course), as well as Skytear, RallymanGT, Problem Picnic, Viticulture and the Rhine Valley expansion, and Outer Rim. 

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In this episode of The New Ones, Craig talks about Carpe Diem, Portal of Heroes, Push, Azul: Stained Glass, and Arkham Horror 3rd edition.

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It's regular episode time, and in 130 we talk way more about Arkham LCG. Makes sense since we're nearly finished a Skype campaign. Other games include Keyforge and Empires of the North

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In this episode, Craig gives the new rig a trial run recording and editing an episode explaining the technical issues and deleted library that has plagued the last three weeks of his life. As a special treat, Mallory, the birthday girl hangs out and talks about some of her favorite games. Thanks for tuning in!

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